Ridglea Animal Hospital Veterinary Services

Surgery & Medicine

Ridglea Animal Hospital offers basic surgeries such as spays, neuters, and de-claws. We also specialize and have many years of experience with extensive procedures such as stone removals, knee rebuilding, and many others. We may suggest referral to board certified experts depending on your pets needs. We take pride in making sure your pet receives the utmost perfect care.

Lab & X-rays

We have state of the art lab facilities at Ridglea Animal Hospital.
We do most lab tests in house so that we can help your pet as quickly as possible.


We stock a full pharmacy with all your pets needs. We carry many different types of flea preventatives, as well as multiple heartworm preventatives. If for some reason we do not have what you pet needs on hand, we are be able to get it for you.


Give us a call for all your pet grooming needs.

Full Pet Boarding

Need to board your pet? Whether you just need help for the day or while you take a long vacation, we have you covered. Our facility can house over 100 pets on a daily basis. We have separate boarding areas for dogs and cats. You can choose to have your family dogs stay in a run or in an appropriate sized kennel. All cats stay in a specialized cat area. If you have multiple animals staying in our facility they can be housed together. Some pets have special needs and require the administration of medication. Please let us know what medications your pet needs and when the medication must be given, we are happy to accommodate these special needs.

We do require that all pets be current on vaccinations prior to their stay. If your pet is not up to date on his/her vaccinations, we can provide this service for you. In order to protect your pet against flea and tick transmitted diseases, we request that all pets that enter our boarding facility be flea and tick free. If your pet has external parasites on admittance, we will treat your pet with the appropriate medication.

Our boarding facilities…
Are all located indoors. 100% air conditioned and heated.
Monitored by our qualified veterinarians. ALL pets are checked on a daily basis.

Your pet can be admitted and discharged from the boarding facility during our regular office hours. Give us a call today to make reservations.


FREE New Pet Wellness Exams

Here at Ridglea, we take pride in playing a special role in your pets long life. Every animal deserves the proper care throughout their days. To show that we strongly believe about your new pets health, we offer free pet exams for your new puppy or kitten under 16 weeks of age. Give us a call for for all the details.

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